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Scotland Tour 2018

Experience and photograph the wonderful wildlife and nature!


* Come and capture your own wildlife & landscape photographs with your professional guide.

* All photography tours & workshops are suitable for all levels of photographic skill or experience. If you are new to photography, we can answer your questions regarding your camera and settings. If you are an estabilished professional, our location guidance will ensure you get to best location for the best photo opportunities. Both group and private, one on one sessions available.



Rushing Grebes on Lake Hodges

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (Lake Hodges and other areas) & ORANGE COUNTY

One of the most diversified location for wildlife spotting, including hundereds of birds (resident or migratory), mammals, gorgeous landscape and of course plants. San Diego County is a nature photographer's perfect playground. During the year there are different areas to take photos from and different subjects, and we can help you achieve your goals especially if you are short on time. You can be a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys nature, you will depart with plenty photos from different areas of the County after our tour. 


The "Grebe Whisperers". Both Krisztina and David spent years studying and photographing the Grebes on Lake Hodges, CA. Their uniquie matting behaviour called "rushing" is one of the most photographed animal behaviours and Lake Hodges in sunny California is home to over 400 Grebes. Rushing is when Grebes "walk on water" to find a mate, and it only lasts 5-7 seconds. Knowing what to listen for and what to look for before rushing happens is the key to that perfect shot!


SCOTLAND, UK - Wildlife & Nature photography tours to Scotland. Join Krisztina and David on guided photography tours to some of the most beautiful places in Scotland, Isle of Skye and the Highlands. We will explore all the amazing landscapes and wildlife. Of course a few Castles and Distilleries will be included on our tours. Small groups, photography holidays, and custom tours. 


SCOTLAND PHOTO TOUR  2019 - Puffins, Eagles and Landscapes

Isle of Mull, Isle of Skye, Highlands and Caringorms National Park



Dates: June 30 - July 10, 2019 



Dates: July 10 - July 20, 2019




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Starting 2019 I will be offering custom tours to Scotland. These tours are limited to 3-4 people, dates and itenerary is all customizable depending on your interest and dates. Please contact me for details at 949-357-5747 or email



Dates: July20 - July 28, 2019 




One to one Workshop - Our time together will be tailored to your learning requirements and can focus on such things as camera controls, identifying the picture, how to photograph wildlife, composition, and image capture. Post processing can also be included if required.

(Available as a group workshop also, up to 4 people in group).


Boat on the lake to photograph the Grebes - (all year around). The best way to experience the Lake is to take a boat out. We will be your trusty drivers getting you in the perfect spot and perfect light for those awesome wildlife shots, including the Western and Clark's Grebes. 

Three to four hour tour, available any day of the week.

Please contact me for updated schedule and availability.


Location Guiding - One to one or as a group, up to four people. Designed for those not requiring tuition but who want to save time and use local knowledge to get to the best locations to capture your own images of wildlife around Southern California. Most commonly we will concentrate on three or four different locations around San Diego County, Orange County and the Salton Sea.


Join the Professional - Ever wondered how the professionals go about their business and how they capture their images? Do you want to find out and at the same time pick up a few tips to improve your own photography? If so, bring your own camera and join Krisztina to see how she does what she does best. Exact location & time to be determined the day of, based on wildlife activity, light etc.

Book one of these 2-4 hour sessions and you will join Krisztina as she aims to capture their own images of wildlife. She will talk you through her process, explaining what she considers the key points to ensure she gets the best from the conditions presented to her. Ask her any questions and try putting it into practice by her side.


Please contact us for prices and to schedule.


''Last week, we took Krisztina's lake/boat tour with our Aunt. We highly recommend going on the boat tour with Krisztina! We saw an eagle first thing [well, KS sighted it, of course! Then she pointed out that a 2nd eagle had joined the 1st!]. The Grebes had a lot to say to each other and we saw their "walking on water" behavior a few times--so exciting to see! We saw several different species of birds and loved every minute of our tour. Treat yourself to a fun, educational unique tour--well worth the price!!! We give our tour a 5 out of 5 rating!! Awesome morning!! Thank you, KS, for an unforgettable experience!'

- Sue Wagner on 1-13-209


"I've been out doing nature photography with Krisztina at Lake Hodges on several occasions and find her great company and I'm also impressed with her keen eye for natural behavior. She has "wonder woman" like hearing and can detect when Grebes are going to rush from across the lake......this is true!"

- Roy Toft,


'If you like her photos, and want to learn how to take better wildlife photos, treat yourself to a trip with her locally. Scotland with KS Nature Photography was a once in a life time experience. Krisztina sees the best in landscapes, wildlife and people. As a result people fall in love with her, and shared with us opportunities and experiences that will never be forgotten!!'

- Cris Ballinger - Scotland Tour 2018 participant


"Krisztina was waiting for me on the morning of our tour of Lake Hodges. She has a keen eye and a patient heart. Intuitive to her clients. She knew a wealth of information about the Grebes at Lake Hodges. I don't know what more you could ask for."

- Catherine Kelley


"I had the most amazing morning with Krisztina at Lake Hodges. Her knowledge and expertise made it so I could see AND photograph the grebes doing their "rushing" (walking on water). She taught me about birding locations, bird behavior and how to use the long lens I brought. Her photography tips were worth millions. I saw 19 different kinds of birds in 3 hours at Lake Hodges. I highly recommend taking one of Krisztina's tours."

- Betty M Stevens


"I have been out with this photographer a few times in different locations. She really knows her stuff and is fun to be with. She is really helpful knowing where the good areas are. I always look forward to a scheduled time with her."

- Jennie McFarling


"I met her at the Bird festival in San Diego, she was leading an outing at the Lake Hodges. She is extremely professional, entertaining and nice. Since then I am following her on facebook, and i am amazed by the beauty of her pictures.

- Katia Bonaldi


"Krisztina is a brilliant photographer with a fantastic eye. She's traveled the world photographing scenery and wildlife with fantastic results. She has an amazing body of work, is diligent and has great attention to detail. Her most recent trip to Scotland produced some fantastic and haunting images from the Isle of Skye. I would highly recommend her as a wildlife photographer and guide. You not only will learn how to shoot wildlife, but hear fascinating tails along the way. Krisztina is personable, professional, and full of energy. Highly recommend spending the day with your camera and won't regret it."

- Donna F.


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