San Diego Area (Grebes & more)


San Diego county in sunny California is one of the most diversified location for wildlife spotting, including hundereds of birds (resident or migratory), mammals, gorgeous landscape and of course plants. San Diego is a nature photographer's perfect playground. During the year there are different locations to take photos from and different subjects, and I can help you achieve your goals especially if you are short on time. You can be a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys nature, you will depart with plenty photos from different areas of the County after our tour. 


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The "Grebe Whisperer". I spent years studying and photographing the Grebes around San Diego county. Their unique matting behavior called "rushing" is one of the most photographed animal behaviors and San Diego in sunny California is home to over 400 Grebes. Rushing is when Grebes "walk on water" to find a mate, and it only lasts 5-7 seconds. Knowing what to listen for and what to look for before rushing happens is the key to that perfect shot!


Contact me please to book a guided tour (boat or shore) during the months of November - February. I can get you in the right spot at the right time to get the perfect shot.

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