School Birding Program

Birding with the students at Sundance Elementary School in Poway CA is going strong and in 2020 the program has entered it's third year now! WOW, there did time go?


"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart" - Unknown 

One of the 28 posters



It all started back in early 2017 when a sweet friend, Alice, reached out looking for photos of birds for a project. I said, well I got some and I would be happy to donate to the School. 


We originally thought of bird feeders, but with the logistics, the project shifted to the educational posters.


The school backs into a canyon where many hawks and other birds fly by every day. Using my photos and educational text by Alice, I have created these posters (15 for the first year, and then added 13 more for a total of 28!)  so the kids can read and learn while out playing.


We had a blast laminating and installing these prints and while it took us about 7 hours, every minute was worth it! Here are a few shots of us and our little helpers hanging the first round of posters:

In 2019, thanks to a donation from the School Foundation, all 28 posters were re-printed on banner material that would withstand the weather and elements and won't fade out. So Alice and I with the help of the kids, Ranger Dave and Principal Rodrigo, and armed with zip-ties, off we went again hanging all 28 posters. And from there the project grew. Not too long after we launched the posters, Palomar Audubon joined in and donated over 20 binoculars. WOW! 




Today we bird. Every week, on Mondays, during recess, three different sessions & grades. It is absolutely a thrill to see all the students out there on the field searching for birds (well, and bugs and running around) :-).


I would love to introduce this program to other schools, so if you would like to talk about it, please contact me. The posters can be customized to whatever birds and wildlife you have at the school. 


A big thanks to Principal Mr. Rodrigo of Sundance Elementary School and to all the teachers and kids, my dear friend Alice Holmes, and the Palomar Audubon Society for their amazing support. Cheers~~ Krisztina


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