"From personal experience I can vouch that Krisztina really knows her stuff! She has worked extensively with professional photographers such as myself, and she will get you in the right place at the right time to get awesome behavior images of the grebes in action. She and her clients have consistently produced award-winning shots of these amazing creatures as well as of puffins and subjects from her overseas tours in Scotland and elsewhere. Don't miss this opportunity...she will get booked up fast!"

- Marie R. marieread.com


"Krisztina is not only the grebe whisperer, she is also an exceptionally gifted nature guide. When I was with her, she made sure that I not only was within photographic range of the grebes (and other birds), but that I was positioned in the best light for photography. She spent all her efforts to make sure I got good shots (which I did) and explained the bird behavior that I was photographing. I have worked with several nature photography guides and she is one of the very best."

- Keih C


"Such a fabulous time with Krisztina of KS Nature Photography! Besides being knowledgeable about getting the shot of the Grebes rushing, placing you in the perfect position at the perfect time, she was great to be with. Highly recommend her services!"

- Kim M


"Krisztina is really easy to work with and she knows her stuff as far as locations and techniques for getting the shots. I was able to come all the way from the East Coast and I left a happy photographer. Her tour exceeded all my expectations and I will be a forever client!"

- Karl C 


"Went on several outings with Krisztina, up and down San Diego County to observe and photograph a wide variety of birds. Krisztina is very knowledgeable about San Diego bird life, and awakened me to great locations and habits/what to watch for. As a novice, I can safely say she sped up my learning curve by about 10x. One of the best guide decisions I've ever made. Looking forward to more outings with Krisztina, her tours are a 5 out of 5!" 

- Jim K


"Last week, we took Krisztina's lake/boat tour with our Aunt. We highly recommend going on the boat tour with Krisztina! We saw an eagle first thing [well, KS sighted it, of course! Then she pointed out that a 2nd eagle had joined the 1st!]. The Grebes had a lot to say to each other and we saw their "walking on water" behavior a few times--so exciting to see! We saw several different species of birds and loved every minute of our tour. Treat yourself to a fun, educational unique tour--well worth the price!!! We give our tour a 5 out of 5 rating!! Awesome morning!! Thank you, KS, for an unforgettable experience!'

- Sue Wagner


"Early Sunday morning was my second time out photographing with Krisztina. The light was fantastic and there were birds everywhere. Krisztina's knowledge of the lake and skill as a boat driver is wonderful. She got the boat into position so many times to get fantastic photos. I am ready to schedule another boat tour soon."

- David R


"Krisztina is a great photographer. I had seen her works before I called her up to join her for a 3 hours at Lake Hodges. Her knowledge of the ecosystem around Lake Hodges is a valuable lesson for me. She is very familiar with area and had taken the time to take me visit several places around the lake and pointed out the habitats of different wildlife in the area. Krisztina is very professional , energetic and enthusiastic photographer. My 3 hours tour went by very quick. I highly recommend Krisztina as your guide."

- Troy D


"If you like her photos, and want to learn how to take better wildlife photos, treat yourself to a trip with her locally. Scotland with KS Nature Photography was a once in a life time experience. Krisztina sees the best in landscapes, wildlife and people. As a result people fall in love with her, and shared with us opportunities and experiences that will never be forgotten!!'

- Cris B


"Krisztina took us around Bosque del Apache over the course of several days. She showed us critters we would never have discovered on our own, and taught us some new photography techniques. She knows her stuff!
She is attentive to the needs individuals, and to the group as a whole.
I love her graciousness, enthusiasm and her friendliness."

- Ginnie and Tom R


"Adventures are well thought out, good customer servive for attendee of this photographic tour offering. Good sites, animals birds, food of fare, and choices of B&B's were wonderfully thought out. I recommend any tours offered by this company."

- Karen P 


"Thanks to Krisztina’s tips on finding the California Poppy blooms at Lake Hodges this spring, I was able to capture one of my favorite photos...and get my first ribbon at the San Diego county fair! I greatly appreciate your advice and support on my quest to become a better photographer, Krisztina. I’ve learned so much since attending my first workshop with you. I look forward to another workshop or guided trip soon!"

- Kathy N


"I love being out in the field with Krisztina! Her knowledge of photography and nature is encyclopedic, but most of all I appreciate her enthusiasm and love of the outdoors."

Karen S


"Krisztina and David were spectacular guides for our photography tour through the Scottish Highlands. The bed & breakfast locations were carefully selected and very enjoyable. Their knowledge of the best photo locations kept us engaged, and their willingness (and patience!) to educate a newbie photographer was over the top. Thanks to these two, I have a new passion. And I can’t wait to go back to Scotland! Don’t miss an opportunity to experience a tour with KS Nature Photography."

- Gail B 


"Awesome tour guide! Krisztina is very knowledgeable about her sites and where to get the great photography shots. So much fun!"

- Carey N


"Thank you Krisztina..I really love my experience with you! You are patient and very knowledgeable! I appreciate the fact that you made sure that I was going to get great shots by helping me. And I did! Do not hesitate to call her she is super nice!!"

- Thérèse G


"Krisztina was waiting for me on the morning of our tour of Lake Hodges. She has a keen eye and a patient heart. Intuitive to her clients. She knew a wealth of information about the Grebes at Lake Hodges. I don't know what more you could ask for."

- Catherine K


"I had the most amazing morning with Krisztina at Lake Hodges. Her knowledge and expertise made it so I could see AND photograph the grebes doing their "rushing" (walking on water). She taught me about birding locations, bird behavior and how to use the long lens I brought. Her photography tips were worth millions. I saw 19 different kinds of birds in 3 hours at Lake Hodges. I highly recommend taking one of Krisztina's tours."

- Betty S


"I have been out with this photographer a few times in different locations. She really knows her stuff and is fun to be with. She is really helpful knowing where the good areas are. I always look forward to a scheduled time with her."

- Jennie M


"I met her at the Bird festival in San Diego, she was leading an outing at the Lake Hodges. She is extremely professional, entertaining and nice. Since then I am following her on facebook, and i am amazed by the beauty of her pictures.

- Katia B


"Krisztina is a brilliant photographer with a fantastic eye. She's traveled the world photographing scenery and wildlife with fantastic results. She has an amazing body of work, is diligent and has great attention to detail. Her most recent trip to Scotland produced some fantastic and haunting images from the Isle of Skye. I would highly recommend her as a wildlife photographer and guide. You not only will learn how to shoot wildlife, but hear fascinating tails along the way. Krisztina is personable, professional, and full of energy. Highly recommend spending the day with your camera and Krisztina...you won't regret it."

- Donna F.


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