Volunteering with US Fish and Wildlife Service


The Grebes will be getting some extra attention! Happy to announce that I will be a volunteer with the USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service) on a working group they have for Western and Clark's grebes, looking at big, regional issues that these Grebes are feeling or will feel soon.
I am super excited and glad that these sweet Grebes will have more eyes on them here at Lake Hodges and other lakes in the region. Yay!

Bird Photographer of the Year Awards 2023 - top 1% and in the BOOK!


Thank you Bird Photographer of the Year! So honored to have my photo included in this year's book! With only 300 photos included in the book, being in the top 1% Bird Photographers sure makes me smile!
This photo was taken at Lake Hodges CA in the early morning hours, right after sunrise. I love the misty mornings on the lake. I look forward to a great fall and winter on the lake and my FALL WORKSHOP schedule is online now!



October 25, 2022 - WE DID IT!! 


Super thrilled to receive first place in category: Photography: serious subject at the San Diego Press Club's Excellence in Journalism Awards for my Grebe photos accompanying the article "The Grebes of Lake Hodges and their complicated quest to nest". I was honored to be able to contribute my Grebe expertise and photos to the article and a huge thanks to the talented LaTeresa Pearson for her brilliant writing. Oh and we also took first place in Wildlife/Nature category. A great win for the Grebes, the San Diego Audubon Society, and my Grebe conservation project at Lake Hodges, CA. 



Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2023 - Final Round


The "mother" of all competitions is the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year. And for a second year I managed to make the final round. Let's see, there were over 50,000 entries (that is fifty thousand) and only 4,024 made it to the final round. While I did not win this year, being in the top 8% is pretty cool. That is the top 8% from amazing photographers around the world. And what makes this even sweeter is that the judges noticed, and then came back and looked again, at my photo of my beloved Grebes!

Yes, it was the photo above :-). Thank you WPY, I am super happy!


A Photographic Journey around the Galápagos Islands - Webinar is now LIVE!

I was thrilled to present about Galapagos Islands for Holbrook Travel. The recording is online now, click the video on this page. And if you enjoyed it, come join me on my next tour to the magical islands!

November 22 - December 5 - 2023 - Ultimate, extended Galapagos Islands Tour - the tour you must do before you leave this Earth :-).

July 17 - July 27, 2024   -  Galapagos Islands



Photographing the Spirit of Birds - NAT Talk

In case you missed my talk at the San Diego Natural History Museum....

it is online now.  Click here to watch the video :-). Enjoy!


If you would like me to come and speak at one of your event, camera clubs, please feel free to call me or email me. 949-357-5747 or


A few reviews from the audience, collected by the Museum:

Outstanding presenter – lively, engaging speaking style. Unbelievable photos – had the audience gasping in delight. Brought a group with me and we all loved it!”

“Excellent presentation that inspired me to get out with my camera more often. The Q&A session was especially helpful to me – she explained how she gets such good results.”

“Speaker had a great presence and exceeded expectations for first Nat Talk event I’ve attended.”

“So inspired I ran to the zoo today to photograph the birds!”


March 26, 2022 - fresh off the press! On the cover for Sketches, the spring edition, by the San Diego Audubon Society with a two page article and photos on The Grebes of Lake Hodges and their complicated quest to nest. The article is written by the talented LaTresa Costello Pearson, Sketches editor. It goes into great details about the Grebes, the water levels, City plans and more. I enjoyed contributing my expertise and photos, THANK YOU San Diego Audubon! READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE. You can also pick up a printed copy :-).


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